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archivsuisse offers customised archiving services throughout Switzerland, at its locations in Bern and Zurich.

We advise you, scan your documents, operate your archive and archive your physical files and digital data – all located in Switzerland.

archivsuisse is run by archiving professionals and is owner-managed.

We are an SME committed to quality.

archivsuisse is entirely Swiss owned and offers the full range of archiving services.

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Archive management

archivsuisse offers the entire range of archiving services along the life cycle of documents, files and data: from consulting to data preparation and archiving to destruction.

Together with the customer, archivsuisse develops modular overall or special solutions tailored to their needs.

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Safety and trust

The secure storage and processing of your files and data – your trust in archivsuisse – is our greatest value.

Dr. Christophe v. Werdt, managing director and co-owner archivsuisse AG

Data protection and information security are of the utmost importance to us. We are therefore certified several times in these areas.

Dr. Christian Burkhardt, managing director and co-owner archivsuisse c/o Bubu AG

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Archiving files

archivsuisse archives your physical document holdings for you: for example files/documents, plans and books.

This is done in specially secured archive magazines exclusively in Switzerland.

The customized infrastructure and the modern logistics system enable anonymous and cost-effective archiving.

You can access the documents archived with us at any time via the archivsuisse customer portal.

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Digital archiving

We offer you a secure, comprehensive and cost-effective solution for the long-term electronic archiving of digital data (various file formats and e-mails).

Digital information is not only stored in a data centre.

Rather, an essential requirement of long-term digital archiving is taken into account: the integrity and authenticity of your digital data is preserved; moreover, your data is archived in an audit-proof manner.

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The way to digital filing and digital archiving is through scanning. It enables electronic access to the required files, independent of location, time and person.

archivsuisse has a modern scanning infrastructure for the efficient and gentle digitisation of small and large document collections in various formats (up to A0).

We work with high-performance scanners or with gentle reflective scanners. In addition, archivsuisse uses world-leading expert software for digitisation.

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Managing files

We look after and archive your files, add new documents, put in incoming mail, scan entire dossiers or parts of them for you.

Possible areas of application:

  • Customer dossiers
  • Tenant dossiers
  • Contract dossiers
  • Plan files
  • Medical records

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archivsuisse operates the industry solution “Medical History Archive” KG-archivsuisse in collaboration with FMH Services and the cantonal physicians.

We archive your physical or digital medical records in accordance with the legal requirements and in compliance with the FMH standard rules.

KG-archivsuisse is the data protection-certified solution for the anonymous archiving (if desired) of medical records and patient files.

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We advise you on how to archive documents.

We help you deal with disorganised file inventories, overflowing file repositories and unclear regulations.

Depending on the documents and the industry, different legal storage obligations apply to files in Switzerland.

Together with you, we develop a customised solution for your archiving problem.

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Archival management

archivsuisse supports companies, associations, public institutions and private individuals in the operation of their archives.

Your archive stays with you, we look after it with our staff on your premises.

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