Archiving offline on piqlFilm

Do you want to secure your digital data for the long term? Should the data be audit-proof, unhackable, unchangeable and retrievable even after 50 or more years? Without data migration and high costs due to maintenance-intensive servers?

Piql makes this possible. Your digital data is transferred as a bitstream in the form of optical QR codes, supplemented with the archiving-relevant additional information (metadata), onto a polyester film (piqlFilm).

This solution is compliant with the OAIS standard for long-term digital archiving.
Learn more in our brochure: Digital Long-Term Archiving on Film.

Advantages of data storage on film

  • Completely passive storage technology: with piqlFilm as a storage medium and the application of established digital long-term archive formats, medium and format migrations become redundant. Result: lower archiving costs and data loss risks minimized, compared to conventional digital archive solutions
  • Highly secure offline storage medium: Content written on film is unchangeable. Legally compliant archiving is ensured by maintaining the authenticity and integrity of the data. As there is no direct connection to a network, the content is literally unhackable.
  • Sustainable data storage: The piqlFilm is off-grid and is resistant and durable as a storage medium. The use of a durable polyester film ensures a very long and independently confirmed durability of at least 500 years.
  • A non-proprietary solution: The data stored in the form of optical QR codes on the piqlFilm can - in addition to being read back using the piqlReader - also be technically decoded autonomously. For data readout, all coding and technology-related information is available on the film in human-readable and open-source form.
  • Customized access: In combination with an online database (archivsuisse customer portal), the metadata of the piqlFilm is accessible for online research.