Industry solutions

archivsuisse offers selected data protection-certified solutions for archiving physical and/or digital files in specific sectors. archivsuisse provides archiving services for a wide range of customer segments and adapts its industry solutions to the individual needs of each customer. To ensure confidentiality, we only list the corresponding industry solutions in summary form without naming the customers. You can find selected reference projects under References.

Social insurance compensation offices

  • Archiving of data protection-sensitive social insurance documents
  • Labelling of the files
  • Scanning on demand of partial files
  • Scanning of entire pension file series for further use in a pension information system


  • Development of standardised filing structures
  • Introduction of digital business processes
  • Archiving of physical and digital client files

Doctors / hospitals (see also KG-archivsuisse: archiving medical records)

  • Transfer of physical and digital patient files
  • Professional storage of physical X-ray dossiers
  • Transfer of explants
  • Indexing of medical records
  • Physical and/or digital delivery of medical records to authorised persons
  • Scanning of patient files for transfer to a patient/clinic information system
  • Digitisation and long-term archiving of surgery records on video (migration of obsolete video formats)
  • Advice on archive clean-up (retention periods, obligation to deliver to public archives)

Banks (also in liquidation)

  • Management and administration of the archive
  • Takeover and professional archiving of backup tapes (LTO)
  • Takeover of physical and digital client dossiers
  • Ensuring FINMA-compliant retention and disclosure obligations during the statutory periods after the liquidation has been completed
  • Data protection-compliant destruction of all files and data after expiry of the retention periods

Electricity sector

  • Management or supervision of the company archives (business, contractual and technical documents) at the company's headquarters or in the secure archive premises of archivsuisse
  • Indexing and evaluation of physical files
  • Scanning of large files and plans
  • Management of large, active dossier holdings
  • Preparation of easement contracts for contract management (indexing with metadata and scanning of contracts)


  • Evaluation of the holdings with regard to archival value
  • Implementation of the evaluation guidelines of the state archives
  • Creation of file plans
  • Labelling the archive holdings
  • Packing the files in an archivally appropriate manner
  • Taking over and storing collections in case of lack of space

Cantonal land registry offices

  • Structuring of land registry extracts
  • Scanning of land registry extracts for transfer to an information system
  • Packaging of the land registry excerpts for the cantonal archives suitable for longtime archiving

Real estate companies

  • Analysis of the business processes
  • Elaboration of a filing system for the digital and physical files
  • Cleaning up the archive and the real estate files

Engineering companies

  • Takeover of physical project files
  • Indexing and management of archive holdings
  • On demand delivery (physical and/or digital) of individual project files

Cantonal offices in the education and social sectors

  • Transfer and indexing of physical files
  • Data protection-compliant storage in archivsuisse's secure archive facilities
  • On demand delivery (physical and/or digital)

Liquidations and bankruptcies

  • Takeover and archiving of files until expiry of the legal retention period
  • Physical and/or digital delivery of files as required
  • Destruction of files after expiry of the legal retention period

Media sector

  • Takeover and recording of physical customer files
  • Retention for a period of 10 years with professional destruction after expiry of the retention period

Trustee companies

  • Archiving of the audit documents for a period of 10 years.
  • Destruction of the files after expiry of the retention period

Associations / federations

  • Evaluation of the holdings regarding archival value
  • Creation of file plans
  • Labelling the archive holdings
  • Packing the files suitable for longtime archiving
  • Transfer and storage of partial collections in case of lack of space
  • Digital archiving solutions

Associations and small businesses

  • Flat-rate solution for associations and small businesses
  • Secure archiving
  • Cost-effective service at flat rates
  • Straightforward processing