Highest security standards

The central cornerstone of archivsuisse's business activities regarding the handling of digital and physical files and data is security: quality and integrity of personnel and processes, discretion and confidentiality as well as information security and data protection.

Archivsuisse guarantees the highest security standards at all levels through:

strict personnel selection:

  • qualified archive specialists
  • carefully selected employees with many years of service with the company
  • regular security checks

safe infrastructure:

  • Fire, water and fire protection
  • Ongoing climate monitoring
  • Burglary protection in collaboration with security experts
  • Access control to archive rooms
  • Operation of an information security ICT infrastructure in cooperation with a certified data centre
  • Protected client portal with multi-secured client login

audited and certified way of working:

  • implemented processes that meet the highest requirements for quality and information security
  • professional, anonymous-neutral archiving of files
  • guarantee of confidentiality and data protection
  • certified to ISO 9001 quality management system and GoodPriv@cy (Berne and Zurich locations) and VDSZ data protection management system (Berne location only)
  • Compliance with FINMA directives (Circular 2008/07) with annual audit at Zurich location