Document scanning

You want to transfer analog documents in digital form, with immediate and easy access, without extensive search in a physical archive? Do you want to make your old image treasures accessible to the public?

We support you in your digitization project with our experts and our modern scanning infrastructure while maintaining the highest quality and security standards. From the selection of documents, to the actual digitization according to your specifications, to the filing and maintenance of your digital repository or the long-term digital storage of your digitized documents - we can assist you, secure, qualified, personal.


  • takes care of your mass scanning needs: A document inventory of any size can be digitized quickly, carefully, and reliably, can be structured using meta data, and then integrated into your business management system
  • offers a “scanning on demand” service: Archive your paper records in archivsuisse’s archive facilities and submit orders for selected records to be digitized and rapidly delivered to you when required
  • Upon request: stores your digital files on film in the longtime perspective (long-term archiving).