We advise you

Papers and files are piling up wildly on the shelves in your basement? The file storage is overflowing and you don't know for sure which documents you have to keep and which you can delete or dispose of?

We give you a hand to develop a sustainable archiving solution that meets all legal requirements and creates added value for you in practice.


  • analyzes the existing archiving situation and the dossier storage on your premises.
  • develops the right archiving solution that fits your needs, from selective measures to a new complete solution.
  • determines archiving documents, retention periods and access rights.
  • supports you with expertise and, depending on your needs, with space, storage space and/or personnel.
  • defines the processes for a sustainable archive management together with you.
  • takes over the project management for you.
  • follows the current norms and standards regarding archiving, information management and scanning.

Service Overview: