Project: Indexing and digitisation of contracts

  • Swissgrid AG is responsible for the operation, safety and expansion of the Swiss extra-high voltage grid. The national grid company took over ownership of the transmission grid (380/220 kV) on 3 January 2013.
  • Swissgrid manages all easement agreements that were concluded in the course of the construction of the transmission network. New ones are being added.
  • Swissgrid has taken over these contracts from the former transmission system operators. In the interests of modern easement management, the contents had to be indexed and digitised.
  • Swissgrid has commissioned archivsuisse to carry out these first steps towards establishing an easement management system.

Over the past decades, the former transmission system operators have concluded around 55,000 easement agreements throughout Switzerland. These had to be united at one location. Archivsuisse organised the necessary logistics and carried out the transports throughout Switzerland.

In close cooperation with Swissgrid, archivsuisse developed the framework conditions for the indexing and digitisation of the easement contracts. Specifically, the contract information and formal structures were defined to enable effective easement management. For each contract, 32 metadata were defined, including information on contract content and modalities.

Archivsuisse made more than 1,760,000 metadata accessible and digitised around 275,000 contract pages. Swissgrid now has access to the contents of all easement contracts via a customised customer portal.

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