Project: Archive management

  • Since 2011, archivsuisse has been managing the central archive of BKW Energie AG at its headquarters, and a year later the decentralised archive of the Mühleberg nuclear power plant was added to the mandate.
  • In collaboration with the responsible departments at BKW, the procedures and processes of the central archive were optimised and professionalised.
  • Two employees ensure the daily operation of the archive. They ensure that enquiries are answered, loans are processed and returns are taken back.
  • The team also takes over new files, indexes them and integrates them into the collections.

For several years archivsuisse, at that time still known as Berner Archiv AG, had been advising the archivists at BKW. By adapting the archive processes, it was possible to professionalise the procedures in the archive. An archive concept adapted to the circumstances was implemented. When the consultancy mandate expired, BKW decided that the operational management of the archive should be outsourced. This outsourcing was implemented from autumn 2011, with archivsuisse as the outsourcing partner.

Since then, the BKW central archive has been looked after by a manager and two archivists from archivsuisse five days a week. Under archivsuisse, the archive's internal services have been expanded. Consistent implementation of the archiving concept, extensive efforts to re-catalogue and the support of the responsible persons at BKW contributed to the steady growth of the central archive. This was accompanied by an annual increase in the number of enquiries - a trend that continues to this day. This also clearly shows that a well-organised and well-maintained archive is to the benefit of a company.

Very short reaction times and rapid responses to BKW employees' concerns further contributed to the excellent reputation that the archive enjoys within BKW.

In addition to the mandate in Bern, from 2012 onwards Archivsuisse was also given the task of indexing the decentralised archive at the Mühleberg nuclear power plant (KKM). Archivsuisse subsequently created a rough structure (system) for the decentralised archive of the KKM and indexed the existing old files.

In addition, a concept for archive management was drawn up in cooperation with those responsible on site. Part of this concept was the installation and introduction of the archive software "Augias".

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