Project: Preparation of paper files for delivery to the Federal Archives

  • On behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH), archivsuisse is preparing around 200 linear metres of documents from the Health and Accident Insurance Directorate for delivery to the Federal Archives.
  • The organisation, structure and order of the existing filing system is being analysed and the allocation of holdings is being determined in consultation with the Federal Archives.
  • After completion of the project, the individual files are packaged for long-term archiving in accordance with the specifications of the Federal Archives, all necessary metadata are recorded in the archiving software and handed over to the Federal Archives for storage

The Federal Office of Public Health stored a large quantity of paper files that had been created before the introduction of the electronic business management system in 2006. The Federal Archives had already evaluated the files and classified them as worthy of archiving. The Federal Office was now looking for a service provider for the rapid processing and delivery of the files by invitation procedure.

After the contract was awarded to us, a detailed analysis of the documents was carried out. In collaboration with the Federal Archives and the Federal Office of Public Health, archivsuisse's project management clarified the filing structure, the filing systems to be used, the demarcation between the various files, questions about extended protection periods and about recording rules, the classification into archive fonds and the coordination of further work. A team of three people prepares the dossiers for long-term archiving directly on site at the Federal Office, i.e. cleans the dossiers of foreign bodies (such as plastic, metal, staples, etc.), packs them in acid-free envelopes, labels them and deposits them in archive boxes, and records the information on them in the archive software provided by the Federal Archives. The list of items handed in prepared by archivsuisse contains the metadata required by the Federal Archives for each dossier (including dossier title and period), so that the documents can be found again later.

In this project, seven different deliveries were formed due to different filing structures and protection periods. After processing, the 200 running metres of hanging registers consisted of 1647 archive boxes, which are now stored in the Federal Archives.

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