Project: Reorganisation of the external archive solution

  • The Aduno Group redefined its archiving processes in collaboration with archivsuisse and centralised archiving at archivsuisse.
  • Archivsuisse offers certified and FINMA-compliant process security, the necessary security infrastructure, and flexible logistical services.
  • Today, the Aduno Group archives all its archived material at archivsuisse and benefits from its versatile services.

The Aduno Group is a holding company owned by Swiss retail and cantonal banks and offers products and services for cashless payment. Supplemented by its activities in the personal loan, leasing and tenant deposit business, it is broadly positioned in a growing market. In autumn 2016, the Group decided to reorganise and consistently centralise the archiving of its documents, as until then the archive material had been stored both internally and partly externally.

The need for professional storage of differently archived documents as well as a redefinition of the archiving process is an ideal situation for archivsuisse. Thanks to its ISO and GoodPriv@cy certification and FINMA-compliant working methods, archivsuisse was able to offer process security, convince with its burglar-, fire- and water-protected archive rooms and respond to customer requirements in a tailor-made way with flexible logistical services.

In the first phase, all archival materials from the internal and external locations were transferred to archivsuisse's archive rooms. Subsequently, even before it was put into storage, the storage, retrieval and destruction processes were redefined. In the current phase, newly created archival material is retrieved at regular intervals from the various locations.

The Aduno Group's high security requirements and its expertise in this area are particularly worthy of mention. Thanks to various tips, archivsuisse was subsequently able to further increase the already high security standard. This resulted in a customer relationship based on partnership, in which archivsuisse was and is actively involved in problem solving, and archivsuisse was also able to develop further thanks to the customer's demands.

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