For 15 years archivsuisse has been a leading provider of complete and specialized solutions for digital, physical and hybrid archiving in Switzerland. We are a locally positioned (Bern/Zurich) owner-managed swiss company with a wide network.

Manuel Ruchti
Co-owner, President of the Board



Philipp Perego
Co-owner, Member of the Board



 Christophe von Werdt
Co-owner, Member of the Board, Director


Our clients include small and medium-sized companies and large corporations (banks, energy suppliers, engineering and others), associations, companies in the medical sector, public institutions, federal, cantonal and municipal administrations, medical practices, law firms and individuals.

archivsuisse employs 25 people at its two locations in Kehrsatz near Bern and in Uster near Zurich.



In 2006, archivsuisse was founded in Kehrsatz by historians and archive specialists, at that time under the name archivbern (Berner Archiv AG).

License to archivzürich

In 2010, archivbern expanded its territory by granting a license (archivzürich) to the long-established Bubu AG (www.bubu.ch), which is active in the canton of Zurich. Right from the start, archivzürich was able to establish itself in the market and continuously build up and expand its customer base over the years.

Change of name

The original licensing idea developed into a partnership. This led to a rebranding in 2016. The former archivbern and archivzürich became archivsuisse, which on the one hand established the clear reference to Switzerland and Swiss ownership, and on the other hand the geographical area of activity. archivsuisse - secure, competent, personal.

Quality standards

As the only purely Swiss provider able to offer the entire range of services in the archiving field of activity, we stand for quality. We attach great importance to high security standards, competent, personal advice and discretion. To be able to guarantee and prove this at all times, we have various certifications.

At the Bern location, archivsuisse is certified in the ISO 9001 quality management system, GoodPriv@cy and the VDSZ data protection management system. The Zurich location is certified in the quality management system ISO 9001 and GoodPriv@cy. In addition, the Zurich location is audited annually for compliance with FINMA Circulars 08/07 and 18/3 (Outsourcing Banks).