Project: Digitisation of property records

  • Primeo Energie is a company that develops energy solutions for individuals and companies, energy distribution companies, cities and municipalities.
  • In 2016, Primeo Energie, together with UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland and Städtischer Betrieb Olten, took over the majority of the shares of Aare Versorgungs AG and has now assumed operational management.
  • As part of the takeover, it was necessary to integrate 14,500 property files of the acquired company into Primeo Energie's property management system (SharePoint) by scanning.
  • In 2018, Primeo Energie commissioned archivsuisse to digitise the corresponding property files and to harmonise the index data.

Archivsuisse took the property files to its secure archive premises and prepared them for the scanning process. During this process, the files were cleaned (e.g. removal of metal clips and plastic elements) and structured for scanning using barcode sheets. At the same time, the metadata provided by Primeo Energie (object number, municipality, street and house number) were harmonised and stored in the scanning software.

During the digitisation process, the generated digital copies could be automatically linked and structured with the metadata by means of the barcode sheets.

After scanning, the approximately 14,500 digital files were uploaded directly to Primeo Energie's SharePoint via a jointly defined interface, which simplified access to the data considerably.

In order to ensure that Primeo Energie could also access the necessary files during the digitisation process, archivsuisse set up a special ordering process that allowed the files to be accessed within a few hours during the entire project.

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