Project: Archiving + scanning on demand of medical records

  • For many doctors the transition to digital medical records is a challenge.
  • In addition to selecting a suitable practice information system, the conversion an efficient solution for dealing with the existing physical medical records.
  • In most cases, it does not make sense to digitise all physical medical records just «for stock».
  • Dr. Kuno Bigger has already switched to electronic management of patient records and used the scanning on demand service from archivsuisse for the changeover.
  • The industry solution called «KG-archivsuisse» is operated by archivsuisse in collaboration with FMH Services and the cantonal doctors.

Dr. med. Kuno Bigger, a specialist in urology, took over an existing practice in 2015, along with his predecessor files, not less than 17'000 medical records. There simply was no space for this mountain of files in the new practice.

In addition, Dr. Bigger wanted to switch to digital medical record keeping. However, the complete digitisation ot the entire file inventiory was not the right solution, because experience shows that only some of the predecessor's patients become regular customers.
A considerable part of the files must therefore still be kept, but is not needed for everyday work. Complete digitisation of the physical files would thus be unnecessary and expensive.

After consulting with archivsuisse, Dr. Bigger decided on the scanning on demand solution. This combines physical archiving of the records during the retention period and digitisation on demand. The records are stored at archivsuisse and scanned only when inspection is actually required, usually when the patient makes an appointment.

With the archivsuisse solution, Dr Bigger has solved the storage issue and found a demand-oriented model for digitising patient files with a professional and certified provider. This frees up space more space in the practice, saves time by digitising externally and ultimately saves him money.

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