Package solution for associations and small companies

archivsuisse offers a secure, simple, and cost-effective package solution for limited quantities of files from small companies, self-employed persons, and associations. You pack your files into archivsuisse’s archive boxes and create your own inventory; archivsuisse stores your documents for you in its secure storage facilities. The fixed-price package is the optimal solution for limited quantities of files up to 13 running meters – this corresponds to approximately 180 standard-sized folders. For more extensive file collections (more than 13 running meters of files), we offer individually customized solutions that cover the entire range of archiving services (see Archiving files).


  • supplies archive boxes for a maximum of 13 running meters of files (A4 format)
  • archives the documents in its secure archive facilities
  • enables access to the files during office hours
  • provides these services at an uncomplicated annual package Price.