Information security, data protection and quality policy at archivsuisse


archivsuisse is a leading quality service provider for the physical and digital archiving of files and documents and related (consulting) services throughout Switzerland. archivsuisse offers its solutions for companies, doctors, administration and private individuals.

archivsuisse is aware that its business activities take place in a sensitive area in terms of data protection law. Within the framework of its quality policy, the concerns of information security and data protection enjoy the highest priority at archivsuisse.

We achieve our goals in the quality policy

  • With professionally well-trained employees who are continuously trained, motivated and informed about the company's policy, and who are made aware of and fulfil their responsibilities.
  • with a flat management hierarchy whose principles include trust and the courage to delegate as well as an active information policy
  • with a technically competent, cost and environmentally conscious approach to the problems/issues and a friendly manner towards customers and partner companies
  • by meeting the high expectations of our customers regarding the quality, security, legal compliance of archivsuisse services, with the highest priority given to information security and data protection
  • By seizing opportunities while weighing and keeping an eye on risks, prioritising steady earnings and an investment policy that ensures our competitiveness over pure sales growth
  • through innovative further development of our range of services
  • with secure archive rooms ideally suited for archiving and efficient magazine logistics
  • with supplier-independent and user-friendly archiving software
  • through rapid availability of requested files
  • through cooperation with partner companies trusted by us and guaranteeing the required quality for all peripheral archiving services that we cannot provide ourselves.

Information security and data protection

archivsuisse takes all necessary measures to implement the legal requirements of data protection and information security in its field of activity:

  • archivsuisse undertakes to comply strictly with the legal, contractual and additional internal data protection provisions as well as any other special legal provisions.
  • archivsuisse is aware that, as an outsourcing partner, it may only process the data of its customers for the contractually agreed purposes. By "processing" archivsuisse understands the retention, archiving, release to authorised persons and destruction of the data.
  • Data processing is secured in all its phases; archivsuisse takes the appropriate technical and organisational measures for this purpose. Implementation is monitored by archivsuisse.
  • The effectiveness of the measures taken by archivsuisse relating to information security and data protection are continuously reviewed and appropriate corrective measures are taken where necessary. archivsuisse is committed to the continuous development of the information security and data protection management system.
  • archivsuisse ensures that the legal rights such as the right to information or the right to rectification can be exercised by the natural or legal persons concerned. However, in the case of data that archivsuisse processes on behalf of a customer, this can only be done in consultation with the latter. Requests for information or correction of data should be addressed to: .
  • - archivsuisse itself does not obtain or process any personal data (except for employee files and customer contact data), nor does it evaluate such data via its own website or exchange such data with third parties (e.g., via plug-ins, cookies, etc.).
  • archivsuisse (Zurich location only) undertakes to comply with the FINMA directives (special FINMA circular 2008/7) and to be audited periodically by a FINMA-certified auditor.