Digital archiving


archivsuisse offers a secure, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution for the electronic long-term archiving of digital data (various data formats and e-mails). Digital information is not only stored, but also archived in an audit-compliant manner while ensuring its integrity and authenticity is maintained.

In accordance with the ISO standard 14721 for “Open Archival Information Systems” (OAIS), our own archive software that we developed in-house ensures the professional management of your digital archive material.


  • determines together with you what data should be archived
  • takes over the data that is to be archived in an organized manner (so-called “ingest” procedure), structures it using the archivsuisse software for long-term archiving, converts it into data formats that are suitable for archiving, and embeds meta data
  • stores and backs up the data (archival storage) in collaboration with our IT partner, netrics
  • enables you to access the data 24 hours a day/365 days a year: Using our secure customer portal with a password-protected user account, you can access and download your data at any time.

Offline archiving on film

archîvsuisse has been a partner of the Norwegian company PIQL AS since 2019. With this partnership, archivsuisse is expanding its portfolio in the area of digital long-term archiving. The principle of “data on film” from PIQL AS offers an innovative, established and cost-effective solution for the digital long-term archiving of information.

When storing data on film, digital data is transferred to a coated polyester film (piqlFilm) by converting it into optical QR codes as a physical image – supplemented with the archival-relevant additional information (metadata) – which ensures OAIS-compliant archiving.

Find out more in our management summary: Digital long-term archiving on film.

Advantages of data storage on film

  • With piqlFilm as the storage medium and the use of established digital long-term archive formats, media and format migrations become obsolete. The result: lower archiving costs and a minimized risk of data loss compared to conventional digital archiving solutions.
  • Content written on film is unchangeable. The authenticity and integrity of the data thus guaranteed form the basis for legally compliant archiving.
  • Data archived on piqlFilm as an “offline medium” cannot be “hacked” and requires only minimal energy over its lifetime (electricity-independent and environmentally friendly digital archiving). Moreover, piqlFilm uses an extremely durable material in combination with a patented writing process (tested minimum shelf life of piqlFilm: 500 years).
  • A non-proprietary solution for long-term digital archiving. The data stored in the form of optical QR codes on the piqlFilm can – in addition to being read back using the piqlReader – also be technically decoded autonomously. For the data readout, all coding and technology-relevant information on the film is available in human-readable form and open source.
  • In combination with an online database (archîvsuisse customer portal), metadata of the piqlFilm can be made accessible for online research.