Law-archivsuisse: Archiving solutions für law firms and notaries’ offices

Law-archivsuisse is a convenient archiving solution for law firms and notaries’ offices that want to externally archive their client dossiers in a legally compliant and secure manner and/or who want to achieve a cost-effective transition to digital file Management.


  • takes over the physical client dossiers for secure and legally compliant archiving
  • digitizes (scans) existing physical dossiers in a legally compliant manner
  • provides a cost-effective, simple model solution for the transition to digital case handling, which requires no additional software
  • processes digital client dossiers to ensure digital long-term archiving in compliance with legal requirements
  • incorporates digital client dossiers into the digital long-term archive and manages them in accordance with the “Open Archival Information System” (OAIS) ISO standard 14721.